Invisalign FAQ

Dr. Niles Answers Your Invisalign Questions

Many of our patients want to improve their smiles discreetly and conveniently with Invisalign Treatment. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions we are asked about Invisalign along with the answers, courtesy of Dr. Gordon Niles.

Q: How long does treatment take with Invisalign?

A: Because every patient is unique, treatment time varies with Invisalign from one patient to the next. You could be in treatment for as little as 6 months or as long as 18 months – it all depends upon the specific problem(s) you have and how compliant you are regarding wearing your aligners as directed and keeping all your scheduled appointments.

Q: Do I have to wear the aligners 24/7?

A: The aligners are to be worn for up to 22 hours each day in order for Invisalign to work as it’s designed. You can take them out when eating and when brushing & flossing your teeth. You may also remove them temporarily for those special occasions such as school photos or interviews, as long as you put them back in immediately afterward.

Q: Are there any foods I can’t eat when wearing Invisalign?

A: No. You are free to continue eating all your favorite foods including hard, sticky and chewy foods as you simply take the aligners out before eating. You should brush and rinse your aligners before putting them back in after eating to keep them clean and to prevent some staining foods and drinks from discoloring your aligners like coffee, tea, curry, dark soda and red sauces.

Q: Will my speech be affected when I’m wearing the aligners?

A: When you first start wearing the aligners, your speech may not be as clear as it normally is. But this is nothing to worry about as you simply must get used to having the aligners in your mouth. Just spend a little time talking out loud or singing with your aligners in and soon your speech will return to normal.

Q: Can I chew gum when wearing the aligners?

A: Because chewing gum will adhere to your aligners to make a big mess, you should not chew gum when you have the aligners in.

Q: Is it OK to smoke with the aligners in?

A: We don’t recommend smoking while wearing your aligners as the smoke can stain and discolor your aligners.

Q: How do I clean my aligners?

A: Just brush them with a soft bristled toothbrush and a small dab of toothpaste then rinse them off with cool or lukewarm water when done. You should never use hot water as it can warp the plastic aligners to make them unwearable.

Q: How often do I have to visit your office during the treatment process?

A: At the beginning stage of your treatment, we will ask you to come into our Brighton orthodontics office every 3 to 4 weeks. After that, we will ask you to visit us every 8 to 12 weeks so we can check your progress to ensure your treatment is going along as planned. However, this can vary, as each patient is unique.

Q: Will I have to wear a retainer once I’m done being treated with the aligners?

A: Yes. You will need to wear a retainer to prevent your teeth from shifting back in their original positions.

Interested in Invisalign Treatment in the Brighton Area?

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