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Adult Orthodontics In Brighton & Howell, MI

At the office of Dr. Gordon Niles, our Brighton and Howell orthodontic practice has been providing excellent orthodontic treatment to residents of Livingston County since 1976. While years ago, mostly children and teens were treated with braces, today many of our patients are adults who’ve come to realize that braces are not just for youngsters anymore. In fact, approximately one out of every four patients we see today is an adult.​

Adult orthodontic treatment.One of the reasons why so many adults are seeking orthodontic treatment is because there are now several discrete types of orthodontic appliances adults like which are very low-profile in nature. And, an increasing number of adults are realizing that investing in orthodontic treatment offers numerous social and professional benefits. When your teeth are straight and attractive, you naturally feel more confident whenever you’re spending time around others.


How Adult Treatment Differs from Early Treatment 

Today, there’s no such thing as being “too old” for orthodontic treatment. However, adult treatment does differ from treatment for children or teenagers. For one thing, since the adult jaw is done developing, orthodontic appliances cannot be used to change the actual jaw structure in the way that can be done with a growing child.

Secondly, gum disease is much more common among adults than it is among children. If you have gum disease, it must be treated and brought under control before you can begin orthodontic treatment. This is because orthodontic appliances apply forces to the teeth so they can move through the surrounding bone. If the gum tissue is not healthy, bone loss can result which can weaken the long-term prognosis of your teeth. So if you have gum disease and want to wear braces, you must seek treatment for your diseased gums before you can start orthodontic treatment.

Treatment Options For Adults

While there are several types of orthodontic treatments available today, they all work in the same general way: By applying gentle pressure to the teeth so they move into the correct positions. Dr. Niles offers several great choices in orthodontic appliances which have been designed to seamlessly blend in with the personal and professional lifestyle of adults including:

damon bracesDamon Braces— Damon braces are made of stainless steel like conventional metal braces and have a thin archwire running through the braces. Damon braces are known as “self-ligating” braces which means they use brackets that slide back and forth under the archwire to result in less friction for improved comfort. When you’re being treated with Damon braces, you can improve your smile quickly with no uncomfortable tightening appointments to sit through. The sliding mechanism of Damon brackets allows the teeth to move more freely, quicker and more comfortably. 

clear upperDamon Clear Braces — Damon clear braces feature brackets which are translucent. This makes these braces very discreet except for the thin archwire running through the brackets. Because Damon clear brackets are made of a ceramic or plastic material (or a combination of the two materials), they are more susceptible to breakage than metal braces. If you would like to enjoy the comfort of wearing self-ligating braces but do not want to wear highly visible stainless steel brackets, Damon Clear braces may be a great treatment choice for you. 

Clear Orthodontic Aligners.Invisalign Clear Aligners — Invisalign consists of a series of clear, removable aligner trays which fit snugly over the teeth. When you’re being treated with Invisalign, you will wear each aligner for about two weeks and then move onto the next aligner in the series and so on until your teeth are aligned correctly according to the precise treatment plan developed by Dr. Niles. When you wear Invisalign, most people won’t even realize you’re improving your smile as the aligners are virtually invisible, hence the name “Invisalign”.


You can continue enjoying all your favorite foods while you’re being treated with Invisalign and consistently do a great job of brushing & flossing because the aligners are designed to be removed when eating and when cleaning your teeth. You can even take the aligners out briefly for those special occasions like family photos or job interviews as long as you put them back in immediately afterward. Dr. Niles is a Howell Invisalign Elite Provider which means he has an exceptionally high level of expertise and experience in successfully treating patients with Invisalign.

Retention Phase of Adult Treatment

Once you’re finished wearing braces or clear aligners, you will begin the retention phase of your treatment. This is when you will wear a custom-made removable retainer that is designed to hold your teeth in their new positions. It’s important that you wear your retainer as directed so your teeth don’t shift back to their original positions. We will provide you with full instructions regarding when to wear your retainer and how to keep it fresh and clean.

Visit Your Howell Orthodontist Today

If you’re an adult who would like to improve your smile with orthodontic treatment, we welcome you to our practice! Simply give us a call at (810) 227-1950 to schedule your first visit with Dr. Niles. We love meeting new patients and look forward to helping you achieve the beautiful and healthy smile you deserve! 

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