Types of Braces

At Dr. Gordon Niles Orthodontics, we offer professional orthodontic care for patients of all ages, so that you and your family can have the perfect, healthy smiles that you deserve. Since every smile is different, Dr. Niles creates a personalized treatment plan for every one of our patients, finding the right type of orthodontic treatment based on your personal oral health and development to provide you with nothing less than the most effective and efficient care.

To ensure that we can straighten any kind of smile that comes into our office, we offer different types of orthodontic treatment including Damon Braces and Invisalign. To learn more about these treatment methods and to see which one is right for you, check out the information below.

Damon Braces

Invented by Dr. Dwight Damon, these unique braces may look like your ordinary metal braces, but utilize advanced orthodontic technology to make them more comfortable and efficient damonthan your traditional set of braces.  What Damon braces do differently lies in the brackets, using something called “sliding door” technology or “self-ligating” brackets, which makes it easier for the braces and wire to move. Instead of the archwire being attached to the brackets, the brackets actually slide along the wire as your teeth move. This eliminates the need for elastic ties while also creating less friction between the brackets and the archwire, which reduces any discomfort and speeds up the rate at which your teeth can move.


If having braces attached to your teeth doesn’t sound like it’s your thing, then why not forget about them altogether?

h-perfectSmileWith the Invisalign system, you can have a perfectly straight smile without the need for brackets and wires. Using sets of clear, plastic aligners that are custom made to fit over your teeth, you can get your new smile without anyone noticing. They work in a similar fashion to braces, as they apply a small amount of pressure to your teeth in order to move them to their new positioning, but the aligners come in multiple sets for moving your teeth in different stages.

As an added benefit, the aligners are also completely removable, so you can take them out to indulge in your favorite foods throughout the day, with the one condition that you brush and floss before you put the aligner back on. We offer Invisalign for both 
teens and adults, but it is not right for everyone. To find out if your an eligible candidate for Invisalign, schedule a consultation with Dr. Niles!

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